PUBG Mobile 300 + 25 UC


This is a variable product.

The value of this product can be exchanged for 300 + 25 Mobile Unknown Cash.



Buy PUBG Mobile 300 + 25 UC

PUBG MOBILE offers the most powerful free multiplayer game on mobile. Go down, gear up and compete. Survive in epic battles with 100 players, quick 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes. Survival is the key and the last one wins.

Your use of this Card is subject to (i) the requirements printed on the Card, and (ii) the full terms and conditions of this Card, available on JOOKISHOP. By purchasing, using or accepting these cards, you agree to all such requirements, terms and conditions.

Clearance Instructions

1. Login to your JOOKISHOP account

2. Access the “PUBG Mobile Game Credit” page, and enter the PUBG Mobile Player ID

3. Access the redemption code page, enter the redemption code printed on the receipt of the purchase of this card, and enter this code on that page.

4. You can redeem this card as PUBG Mobile Unknown Cash.


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